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Farmers Market Rules and Regulations

Farmers Market Vendor Guidelines

Vendor Guidelines/ Code of Conduct

  • Compliance with Laws:
    • Vendors shall comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations. It is the Vendor’s responsibility for knowing and taking all steps necessary to ensure compliance.
  • Opening/Closing:
    • Set up time for the market will be 7:30AM—9:00 AM. Vendors are asked to be open for business from 9:00 AM—2:00 PM.
    • All Vendors must vacate the Market no later than two (2) hours after closing time. No vendor shall leave the premises until the space occupied by him/her has been swept clean and placed in proper order.
  • Attendance:
    • All vendors must be onsite at the market to sell and explain their products.
    • If you cannot attend the market, you are responsible to get someone to cover your booth.
    • Vendors are asked not to vacate the Market before the official closing time, unless sold out.
  • Items you’ll need for your vendor space at the Navasota Farmer’s Market:
    • 10x10 canopy (also called pop-up awning)
    • Proper Tie downs to secure your tent/canopy
  • Booths:
    • All booth spaces are intended to be 10x10 in order to accommodate every vendor. If you are in need of a greater amount of space, please note this on the application so that effort can be made to meet your needs as a vendor.
    • We aim for an attractive look to each booth. Please bring weights and tent sides in case of high winds or rain.
    • All Vendors are asked to keep their merchandise within their allotted stall areas. This includes any merchandise awaiting customer pick up. Vendors are asked not to display any type of produce/merchandise in walkways.
    • Displays must be designed so as not to block customer’s view of other stalls.
    • Signs may only be placed in stall area and must have a professional appearance.
  • Utility Hook Up:
    • Water, Sewer and Electricity are NOT provided. Please come prepared
  • Parking/Vehicles:
    • Please pack up and unload your car near your designated spot and immediately move your vehicle to designated vendor parking spaces. Do not block alley or street.
  • Labeling and Packaging:
    • All products offered for sale by a Vendor should be identified by a sign or label. Please make sure all signs and labels are truthful and accurate.
  • Organic Foods:
    • No food may be sold or represented to be organic unless it has been certified as organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture or another certifying body approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • Trash:
    • Vendors are not to use local businesses’ dumpsters or trash containers.
    • Vendors are asked to remove their own trash.
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